Generate custom regestration form to display on your order status page

Who is this for?

In order to decide if this small Shopify hack is for you, then you need to answer this question: How important is it for your business model having customers sign-up for an account on your site? is it one of your business objectives?


  • This guide is for you if: you answer "recommended"/"important"/very important".
  • This guide is not for you if: customer accounts are of low interest to your business.
  • This guide is not for you if:  having a customer account is a prerequisite to ordering on your site. Because in this case, they'll defiantly have to sign-up before they checkout.



This hack is important and here is why 

You're here because you need your customers to sign-up for an account on your Shopify website.  But you also want to provide your customers with the least tiresome checkout process and achieve your conversion goals with a seamless user experience.

You probably had a hunch that forcing visitors to sign-up for a client account prior to the checkout might slow conversion rates by 30%, and that is why you switched checkout settings to make signing-up an optional step. But how many people have signed-up? I bet not many.

This hack will help you add a registration form in the Shopify Order Status Page, which is the order summary step following the check-out. It is the perfect moment to ask your customers to sign up, because:

  • Your customers will not have to leave the page or do any extra effort.
  • Now that they've checked-out, you can present your arguments to only convince with ONE single thing, instead of having multiple objectives on the website. 
  • They already provided all their info, ONE field is to fill, their password.

This should be enough to get you more account registrations.



So we tried to do everything on your behalf, you just need to follow these 4 simple steps:


  • Configure your registration form below and verify the results in the SIMULATION section. You can configure: when to display the form, which fields to show and most importantly, your language.
  • Click on the Generate & Copy button at the end of the configuration section.
  • Head to your checkout settings page, locate the field "Additional scripts" and paste.

 Go to checkout settings page to paste the generated code



However, keep in mind that the styling in the simulation section is only to showcase the final results, and not, in any case, the way it'll actually look on your Shopify store. For that, here is a real example (button color will be based on your Checkout styling configuration in Shopify)

Registration form example on the Shopify order status page


One more thing, We hope this hack brings you the results you're looking to have.

Your configurations

Fill in the from below your regestration form configuration, and then see the results in the following paragraph.

By checking this option, the regestration form will only be displayed once, that is after payment. So when customers visit the order status page again later, the form will not be displayed.

In case you enable Checkout Via SMS in the shopify settings AND the client uses phone number during the checkout, THEN the email field will be displayed and editable regardless of your selection.

Generate & Copy

The simulation

Here is the simulation results according to your configurations.
Bare in mind that the styling below is just for demo purposes, the styles that will appear on your website will be the same as your default checkout Shopify styles.