Add Instagram feed to your Shopify order status page.

Instagram has provided unparalleled opportunities for businesses/brands, allowing them to connect directly with their audience-base and have a bi-directional conversation, which led to impressive conversion rates, and exponential growth. 

This article is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Amazing juicy data, that you should defiantly keep in mind.
  2. 2 reasons to include Instagram on your Order Status page.
  3. Easy to follow guide on how you can add Instagram feed to your Shopify Order Status page.


1. Instagram data benchmarks

If you don't have an Instagram page for your brand, then you should create one right away.

In 2013, Instagram was just another e-commerce channel for businesses with less-than-ordinary conversion results (but interesting average order value). The social network was not even in the top 5 social networks driving traffic and sales to e-commerce sites. Here are few results according to Shopify:

  • $65: Average order value, ranked 2nd after Pinterest.
  • 1.08%: Conversion rate, ranked 4th after FB, Vimeo and Youtube.
  • less than 2%: Traffic share.


But since then Instagram has gone a long way proving its value for business owners. Admittedly, maintaining an Instagram page and creating content to engage users requires a lot of dedication and efforts. But with no doubt, it is worth it.

YotPo. a leader in social proof marketing has released Instagram data benchmarks for 2017, and you should take notes:

Yotpo instagram traffic analysis

 Yotpo Instagram behavior analysis

Yotpo instagram conversion


One of the main, trendy, uses of Instagram is User Generated Content (UGC), as the name implies: UGC is the content generated by your costumers about your products. Did you know that shoppers who see UGC have between 80% up to +200% increase in conversion rates? How can you say no to that!. It is worth too much to ignore.


2. Reasons to include Instagram on the Order Status page

Once your client reaches the Shopify Order status page, it means you've already done the heavy lifting. But why stop there while you can take it 2 steps forward?

They've just bought from your store, they are still highly engaged, existed about your product(s), you can easily suggest your brand's on Instagram and expect a high follow rate in return from this touch point. 

If you saw our other "Shopify order status page hacks", you may wonder, why add Instagram above all else, if you'd like to:

  • Keep your customers close and stay connected with them.
  • Leverage their network with every post they interact with. (remember: 30% of Instagram users have bought something they first spotted on Instagram.)


PS: Did you know about the Shopify/Instagram integration? Very soon (end 2017/ early 2018) you'll be able to use an instagram sales channel directly from you Shopify store. That will take your instagram business efforts to a whole new level.


3. Generate your Instagram flow

Now that you have all the data you need, let us get your store setup. But first, here is a real example of how it will look like:

Example of the instagram feed generated by our tool

Here are the steps:

  • Generate your Instagram embed feed using your favorite tool, if you don't have one yet, try: or  
  • Copy the embed code from the previous step, and paste it in the form below.
  • Click on "generate & copy" 
  • Then go to your Shopify Admin "settings" / "checkout" / then find the text area that is called "additional scripts" and paste the generated code.

Generate & Copy