Attention cet article a été écrit avant 2020, certaines des technologies citées pourraient avoir évolué entre temps.

The Logans, 2 Shopify stores and Millions in sales.

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When we wrote the article about the 6 top ranking worldwide Shopify stores we noticed 2 new influencers entering the leagues of best ranking Shopify stores in a 6 months span. The Logan brothers Jack & Paul, mega influencers and hungry "fanboys".

As it happens, both stores are built on Shopify and at least one of them is using Shopify Plus, so we decided to take a look and see what they are doing, in terms of traffic, conversion, and apps.

Logan Paul.


1. Site performance analysis.

With a quick look at similarweb we found out the following:


Steady viral growth and plenty of qualified visitors !!

From 0 to 6M visits in 6 seconds .... sorry months, with an average visit duration of 2:30s and at ~4 pages per visit. That is not bad at all.

Loaga Paul Shopify store traffic performance

In order to provide an example of the potential revenue that could be generated from this traffic, we went ahead and looked in the Shopify Plus featured stores and picked "Bombas", an e-commerce specialized in high-quality socks, which according to this Shopify article is making a little bit under 20M/Year. This is what you'd expect from a Shopify Plus featured store. But how would their traffic chart look like?

(90% less traffic, 50 seconds less avg. visit duration, & +0.57 pageviews)

traffic chart for bombas - a featured shopify plus store

However, keep in mind that Bombas has been there for over 4 years now, and they've mastered conversion techniques. They know exactly who their clients are and how to persuade them (read this article later for some insights about their techniques). So even if traffic numbers are lower and sessions are shorter, that has nothing to do with conversion rates.


By the way, Bombas has a great execution example of the "Social Impact" and "Social Growth", you can read a bit about that in Forbes, here. It is really inspiring.


So going back to our analysis, we've studied the traffic over time and we found out that most traffic at the beginning came mostly from Youtube, but as time passed, the brand started getting more traction organically. Results of the most recent traffic sources report confirm that Direct and Search channels are growing to be as prominent as Youtube.

Logan Paul's Shopify's traffic sourcesThe results of this graph are for desktop visits.


On the other hand, it is really surprising that only 0.77% of all traffic originates from email channels. Email has proven to be a very powerful tool to generate more revenue with minimum expenses, convert window shoppers, and increase the average lifetime value. But then that is the case of regular e-commerce brands where a lot of money goes into acquiring visitors & subsequently clients. For influencers it is a different game, reach and conversion is much simpler through their social media platform(s).

Consider again the Bombas business - a healthy e-commerce example - and you'll find that email channels generate about 8% of all traffic:


Bombass email traffic sources, email generates 7% of the total traffic

Our last stop in this analysis will be the destinations chart. Like most successful e-commerce businesses, the more traffic goes to check-out services the better. In this case, PayPal's share of traffic destination is almost at 55%, which led us to speculate the number of purchases in August (between PayPal and native Shopify checkout) to be somewhere between 200,000 - 400,000 (factoring in cart abandonment and humble conversion rates)

If you doubt these speculations, you should take a look at Kylie Jenner's KylieCosmetics (which is also running a Shopify Plus store), the 2 businesses share many similarities, and the latter has reportedly generated almost $480M in sales in the past 18 months and looking to pass the 1Billion dollar mark/year by 2022, so you can imagine the heights Logan's brand can reach (online as well as offline)

Logan Paul's Shopify store top referring and destination sites.



2. Shopify apps


We've noticed the site's management team has gone through many apps over the past few months, testing, testing & testing. This is the beauty about what Shopify offers, an application store full of gems that can be used in a plug-and-play manner. So instead of paying developers to test functionalities, they can simply test and uninstall if things don't work out as hoped for.


So we can say there are at least 3 apps are currently being used (at the time of writing):


For Social Media

Like to have it - a Shopify application used by Shopify Plus Store by logan paul

Like2HaveIt Shoppable Instagram

Allows you to tag products from your store on your Instagram posts, and embed the resulted shoppable Instagram feed everywhere, home page, product pages, etc... + SEO support & in-app analytics.

Price: $20 with 14 days trial period.


For sales

Yotpo Reviews, Photos, and Q&A


Social reviews give your shoppers the confidence they need to finalize their purchases on your site. It is very easy to install and get it up and running in just a few clicks.

Social proof on steroids is what Yotpo is all about, their Shopify app will definitely be a great asset to improve your SEO, marketing, and sales.

Yotpo, will not only assist you in getting reviews but also in so many aspects as they provide a long list of functionalities in addition to integrating with many of the application that you're already using.

Yotpo has 2 offers:

  • Freemium: The basic reviews and display-on-site functionality.
  • Premium: Includes many features, including but not limited to:
    • Integration with FB, Twitter, Pinterest.
    • Coupons incentives to get reviews from customers.
    • FB & Instagram Ads, by including customers reviews.
    • Google seller ratings.
    • ....


For returns

Returnly - Shopify app used by Logan Paul for his Shopify plus store Returnly Online Product Returns Manager for Shopify


Returnly is a return management system with all required functionalities to cover your basis in that regard, returns management, tracking, analysis etc...


Pricing depends, mainly, on the number of returns per month, ranging from $9 to $154 / month.




    Jake Paul


    Jake Paul, the younger brother of Logan Paul, is also an influencer and a "startup-er" who raised +1M dollar for a small social venture called "Team 10". He might not be as famous as his older brother, but nonetheless, they both are walking the same paths.

    Regarding his e-commerce venture, Jack Paul didn't quite launch a Shopify store alone but he rather teamed up with all his influencers friends and formed, each influencer is featured separately with his/her own collection.

    After conducting the same previous analysis on the site we found out many similarities, so there is no need to go over that again.

    But if you'd like us to pick up a winner between the 2 sites, we'd say it is quite difficult since both of them seem to be doing very well. But overall, from what we can see, Logan is doing only a bit better overall.


    Shopify Apps


    Fanjoy is using a broader list of Shopify applications, including:


    For Email Marketing & Retargeting

    Klaviyo Email Marketing for Shopify - shopify app

    Klaviyo: Email marketing for Shopify


    Email marketing built for eCommerce, tailored for your Shopify stores. You can set up many automatic flows/sequences:

    • Newsletter welcoming sequences.
    • Cart abandonment.
    • Product-view sequences.
    • Post-purchase sequences.

    In addition to other features, including segmentation and integration with FB Ads.

    Klaviyo pricing depends on the number of customers in your lists:

    • 0 - 250 --- Free
    • 251 - 500 --- 25$
    • 501 - 1000 --- 50$
    • 1001 - 1500 --- 75$
    • 1501 - 2000 --- 100$
    • ......

    You may find it a bit pricey, but keep in mind that having for example 2000 customers in your mailing list could generate you a lot more than 100$ if you set up the right sequences.


    Shopify app - used by fanjoy

    Privy - Free email popups with exit intent

    It is a great tool for your store if you're looking for customizable popups, exist intents and analytics to know how your campaigns are doing.

    Privy has 2 offers:

    • Freemium: The basic features, creating popups and analytics.
    • Premium: many other customization features, dedicated support.



    For Social Media Messaging

    Shop message shpoify app

    ShopMessage: Facebook Messenger Remarketing

    Facebook messenger bot to help merchants recover abandoned carts via social interactions.

    Price: $99/month.


    In addition, the site might be using none, some or all of the following apps:


    Shoelace shopify app Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace
    AdRoll - shopify app used by top Shopify ranking stores

    AdRoll For Shopify